Pro Service 

Bringing your own bike? Keep your bike with us for the duration of your stay and it will be ride ready every morning. Storage, full clean and lube, air in the tyres and laundry included! 

30 EURO per day / 190 EURO per week

Other services


Full tune up - 50 EURO

- Basic tune up

- Adjustment + greasing of headset

- Adjustment + greasing of bottom bracket

- Wheel check + alignment

Basic tune up - 30 EURO

- Brake adjustment

- Gear adjustment

- Tightning all bolts

- Chain lube

- Full clean + wash



Flat change (tube included) 10 EURO

Handlebar tape change 10 EURO

Brake adjustment 10 EURO

Bike wash 15 EURO

Bike packaging 40 EURO